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clip in hair extension

clip in hair extension are hair and wigs of raw materials, may also be woven into the head.
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In accordance with the production process can be divided into hand-woven hair weft hair extensions and mechanisms
Can be divided according to raw, real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions and human hair mixed with synthetic hair extensions
Hair shade color with dark (1 #, 1B #,), Brown (2 #, 4 #, 6 #, 8 #), light (22 #, 24 #, 60 #, 613 #, white, etc.), CRAZY color (mainly refers to the red, blue, green, etc.), etc.
Hair extensions curvature are: straight hair, curly hair. There are a lot of curvature which curly hair, such as BODY WAVE, CURLY, ITALIAN WAVE and so on.
The length of hair shade: 8 "-40" and even longer or shorter. Under normal circumstances, 18 "-24" is the length of the most favorite female friends.
hair weft weight, typically, 100 g / article, of course, in order to meet the requirements of foreign customers, many manufacturers have made ​​113 g / bar (because 4 ounces = 113 grams).
Hair extensions uses: programmed directly to the hair, making hair clips, make caps three kinds of usage.