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FAQ of the locks weft clip in hair extension

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1. Can I use low warm to design my wig?     ^Top
A: Unfortunately, any warm design operates the chance of destructive artificial hair pieces. Wigs with artificial locks can be bought pre-curled or in any design you want. On the other hand, you could snuggle the wig with a design method that does not include warm. Wigs with locks will not be broken by warm design.

2. What type of materials is used for your artificial wigs/hairpieces?     ^Top
A: The materials is created from the raw content Kanekalon, which is brought in from Asia. It’s widely used for additions, patterns, hair pieces and toy locks. Kanekalon is flame-retardant and comes in a wide range of designs and designs, plus more than 120 shades.

3.Can I shade or straighten up the locks in this wig?     ^Top
A: Wigs created with locks can be shaded or developed as you would your own locks. Synthetic hair pieces can be shaded, but warm design of any type could be destructive to the materials.

4. How long can I anticipate this wig to last, and can I use it to swimming or play sports?     ^Top
A: Generally, locks hair pieces clip in hair extensioncan last up to a year or more time. Ribbons hair pieces should last up to six a few several weeks, based on how often they are used and how they are taken care of. Yes, it is okay to put on them while diving or enjoying activities.

5. What is the distinction between locks and artificial hair?     ^Top
A: A locks wig is more durable, smooth and seems organic to the contact. It can be developed and colored just like your own locks and “breathes” so your head will not sweat as much beneath. But locks hair pieces need to be developed after every clean, and are more costly because of its restricted provide.
A artificial locks wig is easy to care for without demanding design after cleaning, and is less costly than locks. However, it cannot take high temperature ranges, significance it cannot be developed with an metal, and has a smaller life expectancy if you use it every day.

6. What are the different kinds of wig caps?     ^Top
A: Capless is one of the most common kinds of hair pieces. On our capless hair pieces, each area of locks is machine-sewn onto a lace inset at the top.
Monofilament hats use a gauze-like,, nearly clear content that each locks area is hand-knotted onto. This type of wig can be developed more easily and can ventilate your head to prevent wetness and warm accumulation. The slim cap content is difficult to identify and therefore very natural-looking. Monofilament hair pieces are exclusively engineered for those with slimmer locks or delicate epidermis.Lace hair pieces use a item of capable lace just beyond the top side hair line of the wig, which each locks area is connected to. These can be momentarily stuck to the epidermis around the hair line to make the lace cap nearly unseen. Mesh lace allows for natural-looking partings in the locks, as well as several weeks of use at a time, even during diving or activities. All lace hair pieces need regular servicing and can last for six a few several weeks or more time.
There are two kinds of lace wigs: front side lace and complete lace:

Full lace hair pieces have lace content all around and can be separated anywhere on the head for higher breathability and convenience.

Front lace hair pieces have lace content at the temple only and are more organic and unseen. Unfortunately, these hair pieces cannot be retracted into a ponytail.

7. How do I modify the hair pieces to fit my head?     ^Top
A: The flexible rubber group inside the wig can help you get a protected, relaxed and close fit.